Multi level BOM subassemblies and in stock items on work order

Is it possible for ERPnext to determine what materials are already in stock when using the “Use Multi-Level BOM” option in a work order? In my current situation, I have subassembly parts that we manufacture and are currently in stock. When “Use Multi-Level BOM” is selected on a new work order for a product that uses these subassemblies it wants to manufacture these items even though they are already in stock. Can ERPnext see which subassemblies need to be manufactured and which are already in stock?


have same problem.

Our assembly trees consist of mostly all multi level BOM (3-7 levels).

Lets say this is example of simple tree. Our average product have tree 3-7 levels with BOMs in every level. First level is around 15-30 BOMs

Example. (number) is current stock

BOM Item A (0)

  • BOM Item B x1 (2)
    *Item BM x1 (0)
    *Item BK x1 (1)
  • BOM Item C x1 (0)
    *Item CM x1 (0)
    *BOM Item CK x1 (7)
    *Item CKZ x1 (0)
    *Item CKY x5 (0)

We want to produce 10x Item A
Currently we are getting these results when we use multi-level BOM option for ordering raw materials

Item A x10
*Item BM x10
*Item BK x9
*Item CM x10
*Item CKZ x10
*Item CKY x50

What i would like to get at the end when ordering raw materials is

Item A x10
*Item BM x8
*Item BK x7
*Item CM x10
*Item CKZ x3
*Item CKY x15