Multi-level BOM upload link to Child items

Hi. I’m trying to upload a multi-level BOM with two levels (parent and child items). I would like the parent item BOM to automatically link to the child item BOM numbers (also created upon import) so that the parent BOM gets the exploded items. Additionally, I have added the project number while uploading the BOM.

Is there a way to do this?


Sure. Please import BOMs in these sequence.

  1. Firstly Import BOM for the child/sub-contracting items.
  2. Create template for importing BOM of the final items.
  3. Once BOM ID is generated for the Child/sub-contracted Items, update their BOM ID in the final BOMs template.
  4. Import BOM of final/finished items.

Hope this helps.

@umair Ok. Thanks. Will follow this procedure