Multi Level BoM

I have a multilevel BoM for “Product A” having “Product B” which is a bought out item and “Product C” which is a manufacturing product.
My understanding is that, for a production order of Product A,if we donot have “Product C” in stock then it should raise a Production Order.
The system doesnot seem to do it. Is my understanding correct or we have to manually crosscheck if the material is short and raise an production order?


@Amit_Saxena you will have to create a Production Order for Item C separately

Thanks @rmehta for your response. I hope it is feature that we will see sometime in future :smile: .



Dear R.Mehta,

Please let me know if I can have BOM within a BOM which means: I have a electric goods manufacturing i.e. UPS.
I would like to have a BOM for UPS and within that I need a BOM for Mechanical, Electrical and Packaging.

Is that possible for ERPNext to have such BOM(Sub BOM).



Shikoh: You would make 2 BOMs, the finished and the sub-assembly. You would then assign the sub-assembly a part number and call for that part number in your final BOM.

Ok thanks - Dear CPurbaugh, Will the entire tree been shown in Production or BOM Browser?



It will in BOM Browser. Not sure what you mean by production. if you mean on the order, it will either call for all of the parts of the sub-bom, or just show the part number for the sub-bom, depending if ‘Use Multi-Level BOM’ is checked.

thanks - that’s exactly what I mean.

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