Multi-level BoMs that are only valid for a ETO prject

I read in the User manual that ERPNext is more catered towards Engineer-to-Order SMEs, that is wonderful since we do custom assemblies (Electrical switchboards). Our cycle goes like this

Lead >> Opportunity >> Project BoM >>Quotation >> (Revision/s) >> Award >> PO

We would do multiple deliverable items (Switchboards) per project and each of them will have individual BoMs. After the project is completed these BoMs are useless and mostly need to be archived with the project (to clean up the place).

So far what I’ve seen is that you create the BoM and tie it to a project.

If I’m to achieve the former, how would I go about doing it?

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You can deactivate the BOMs if you want to archive them. Open the BOM and uncheck the “Is Active” option.
Hope I got your query.

Hi Sachi,
I agree with you on this workaround. But I do 80-100 projects per month and I don’t think your answer will fit me in the long run.
Think of this example:- Say, I build houses. So each one is different but I’ll be using same items such as cement, paint and I’ll be using the same sub-assemblies like concrete over and over again. Then occasionally customers might ask me to customize some items like his/her tiles or kitchen appliances (which might or might not be used in the next project). All of this will happen during the stages between Opportunity>>quotation. Not to mention the BoM will change during the project as well since its ETO.

Any thoughts on this?