Multi line formula

does multi line formula work in erp next salary component because i have tried running a formula but it only executes the first line
This is the formula:
5000/4 if (GS >100,000 AND GS <=200,000) else
10000/4 if (GS >200,000 AND GS <=300,000) else
20000/4 if (GS >300,000 and GS <=400,000) else
30000/4 if (GS >400,000 and GS <=500,000) else
40000/4 if (GS >500,000 and GS <=600,000) else
60000/4 if (GS >600,000 and GS <=700,000) else
70000/4 if (GS >700,000 and GS <=800,000) else
80000/4 if (GS >800,000 and GS <=900,000) else
90000/4 if (GS >900,000 and GS <=1,000,000) else

it is supported. Salary Slip code will remove new line and replace it with whitespace.

If it fails to do it, it will raise error but I doubt it’s just using first line.

so what’s the solution then

i changed the formula but it was still executing the first line only

If you believe that it’s definitely only executing first line then just remove new lines from formula and merge it all in single long line.

i tried putting the entire formula on one line but it was executing the first if statement then the rest it does not read them. i don’t know if it does not read the and operation