Multi-line Purchase order upload on ERPNEXT

Hello All,

I am facing difficulty in uploading mulit line Purchase orders on to ERPNEXT V13
Single line PO’s are being uploaded with out an issue.

If anyone has a solution for this problem please do help a brother out!

Thanking you in advance !

PS: I have to upload 1,800 plus PO’s :frowning:

It looks like you are not filling the template correctly.

  1. Create few POs in the erpnext with multiple items
  2. Create Data Import for POs
  3. Download template with all records and columns
  4. Study the file and see ho2 it has entered the multilines
  5. Updat your file accordingly and upload

Hey Ahmad, Thanks for your reply.

I did do that. Still got no result.

However i got it to work.

My “rate” column was mapped incorrectly by default. So had to change that and map it against items.rate