Multi-lingual support Merged

Me and @lefebvre_bern we’re introducing the extended multi-lingual support for frappe and erpnext

Major key features:

  • Translation enabled in record level

It means that you can translate Item descriptions, UOM’s, terms and conditions, wherever that you had a text, it can be translated!

  • Hability to build multi-lingual websites

It meas that you can build your web-site into frappe or erpnext, and just pass the URL argument ?lang=en where en is the language of your choice, to have the active page translated based on your pre-defined translations.

  • Hability to send documents, or notifications for the party’s in they own language

It means that the translation try to identify the language, on the active record, to determine the language that will be used, to sent the communications or notification.

  • Hability to have a real print documents into customer language

It means that not only labels, will be printed into customer language, if the content of the fields, have translation enabled and you already have defined the translation, it will translate the content.

These features will benefity almost users in languages that aren’t using characters from the latin branch of characteres, like Japanese, Indi, Persa, Arabic (etc…) where you can store customer information into english spelling, but store the natural spelling also.

We need to say thanks also for @netchampfaris and @rmehta, to the big help to turn this feature to the light!


Great work… well done

well done!

Very nice addition to ERPNext :+1:

Could this feature also be expanded so it can be used for translating the interface? At this moment It’s very hard to do as doesn’t show the translatable text into its context. Being able to translate directly from the interface like this feature offers would make things much easier :slightly_smiling_face:


This is different. These are translatable values. Not UI items. So a Article Name in two different languages, not the phrase “Article Name” (in German: Artikelname).

couldn’t find steps how to enable this feature, any help is welcome.


There’s how

Thanks for the video, but for me translatable check box is not showing even.

Which version include this feature?
V11 or Dev?

@gmplab v11

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