Multi retail store setup with separate warehouse

Hi everyone,

I am new to the system and its a very good system for small & medium companies.

I want to setup multiple retail stores with separate warehouse. do i need to define retail store as a branch under company?

and how can i manage branch or retail store wise login & store wise accounting?

Please guide me on this.

You should create warehouse and cost center for each retails stores. In that way, you should be able to manage inventory for each stores. At the same time, you will be able to track income / expenses against each cost center / stores.

For login, you should set User Permissions based on Warehouse and Cost Center. Please check following link, specially “User Permissions” section.


@nabinhait yes the system is configurable for multi stores setup…but I wonder why there’s no standard reports available to view sales performance per warehouse?

Thanks alot.

Can you please tell me how can i link a retail store with a particular warehouse?
I have created branches & warehouses, now i want to link a branch with a warehouse.


@jof2jc Do you mean “Sales Register” report based on Warehouse?

@Amol_Shenvi By default there is no link, you can add a custom field for Branch in Warehouse, to link them.


@nabinhait yes. Also Item-wise sales register, sales analytics. I think all busineses need to analyze sales by warehouse especially retail business