Multi Select field in child Table

Can we add multi select field in child table?
I tried but the filed not appearing… Is it bug???

No, you cannot add a multi select field in Child Table

Thanks… What is the equivalent solution?

Depends on what are you trying to achieve, a multi select field is the same as Child Table, and you cannot insert Child Table inside a Child Table yet.

thanks a lot and this mean that is no other option so far.

It was not developed to be used in Child Tables.

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I really dont get, why you would not implement using nested tables, For example, I need to assign multiple people to one sales order item, It would be great if I could add them after I click “edit” button on every item in table of sales order, then in that window There could be another table or multi select table field where I could assign multiple employees. I really dont get why this feature isn’t implemented.


Guess we should add a condition in Frappe that rejects attempts to add a multiselect field within a child doctype. I wasted a good amount of time troubleshooting this

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