Multi shops sync to head office

Let’s say we have
head office

Shop 1
Local network

  • pos
  • accounting
  • hr payroll
  • stock

Shop 2
Local network

  • pos
  • accounting
  • hr payroll
  • stock

The idea I want to sync all data on shop 1 and shop 2 to head office
And work with them like erpnext multishop
The idea is
Every day at 6 am they sync happen and when we arrived at the office we work with this data
These syncs happen due
Time event
Click event

I will recommend you try Event Streaming

It is available from Version 13


@olamide_shodunke i did read about event streaming , can syns all data from shope1 to headoffice
when i say all data i mean everything happen
like item_x10 only in shop 2 not in shop 1 can sync too ?
if any guidelines will help

@olamide_shodunke if any script , or even someone did it befor
if not can create it with lap like virtual-box

The answer to this is yes

I did read all documents about event streaming
Just one question
This method can handle like 7 or even 25 shop

Just don’t sync them all at once.
One at a time would be better.

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Great :ok_hand:

How do you sync one at a time when the sync is done real.time as the transactions are happening ?