Multi sites : how many?

I’m quite new to Frappe and ERPNext and am currently evaluating the solution in order to create specific non-profit applications. I wonder if some of you have experimented deployment of many - up to dozens, hundreds ? - sites on the same dedicated hardware and / or several hundreds “active” users at the same time ?

I know that requirements really depends of interactions, activated apps, form complexities etc… but I would be very happy to get some advices and feedback about Frappe and ERPNext ability to manage multiple sites and users.

Thank you.

We have more than 2000 sites in 1 server, but number of interactions are very less in this server, many sites are inactive.

In another server, we have around 300 sites, which are mostly active and sizes and interactions are also very high.

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@nabinhait : thank you for you reply. It’s a very good news to me. Can you share some details about the hardware used in the latter case ? Do you have a separate server for the database ?

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No, we use single server for db and files.