Multi Store Retail Setting & Cashier Access

I now understand how to assign cashiers to stores by using PoS Profile and settings.

However I came across a particular challenge that I cant seem to derive a solution for.

We have Cashiers who can work in any of our different locations.

Based on what I have done so far, if a cashier is moved from branch A to B, any sales she makes in physical branch B will be reflecting in branch A unless we remember to change her profile.

Is their a way around this?

Thank you

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This is presently not available. Comment on the following issue to show interest.

thanks felix

hi @olamide_shodunke. Hope you doing well. Were you you able to allow user to chose the location they are are working from? I have similar issue. 5 locations with 5 profiles and each having a default user. Each profile linked to a Sales Invoice naming series. Example New York would be NY and London would be LN.

When user logs into pos system takes default profile. So a NY user is logged into LN then all invoices are made on NY series. Plus even the stock is pulled from there. If there is an item is out of stock in NY and user is checking out in LN then system shows Out of Stock as it is pulling data from NY.

We tried manually changing which works for that particular sales but once user clicks New (for new sales checkout)it goes back to default profile.

We constantly need to move people from one location to another for reasons beyond control. We want user to be able to choose the location and system to consider items available in that location. Changing default is not an option for us.

Another help I may need is how can a user check whether an item is available in other location. Customer sometimes ask the cashier to find if available so that they can go there to purchase.

I am using V10 production.


No solution to this so far. Its a major reason I am yet to roll out ERPNext for any Multi Location Retailer.

Go to the item list and pick the item.

You will be able to see the availability of the stock across all locations in the “stock Level” section.

You should be able to add a user to multiple profiles now. So, assign User A to POS Profiles NY and LN. Then when the user logs in, the user should select the correct profile to use. Does this not work as described?

Having Multiple user profiles does not help me. This is because, just like changing user profiles, it requires human intervention to prevent sales to the wrong branch.

The only available solution right now is to restrict the users to an IP address. This will however only work where locations are using dedicated/public IP addresses that does not change everyday. We do not have this across all the locations as we are using basic internet dongles.

If anyone has an idea on how to restrict users to a particular device/computer this may help.


OK. Got it.

I tried making dummy user as default then logged is as regular hoping that system would accept it. Damn, system couldn’t find it as default so no POS.

@felix works only for that transaction but worst part is it hits the inventory and sales of the default location. Once you click New it goes back to default. The POS is excellent if you are going to keep users fixed per location but awfully messed up if you move them and dont change default for them.

@olamide_shodunke very easy to turn dynamic to static IP.Just ensure that you are using the IP address of the system and the sub net as provided by the internet provider and specify the gateway address of the internet provider…

Hi Fred

I do not understand what you mean by this

I need to put a restriction here

Could you please explain this better ?