Multi-Storefront E-Commerce

I have recently installed ERPNext and am finding my way around. the functionality and customization in setup seems amazing, however I have a company that has multiple e-commerce storefronts. I’m looking to rebuild those web storefronts on erpnext while only having one common backend under one ERPNext Company.

Is this doable? I can’t find the options ot make this happen.
Thank you

Last I checked on this, only one storefront is possible under standard Frappe/ERPNext, unless something has changed recently.

This is definitely a shortcoming, as I would think any larger enterprise might want to have multiple storefronts/websites/DBAs under a single database (other tier 1/tier 2 ERP systems have this ability).

Thanks for the info.
What other ERP systems that you’re aware have this functionality? It’s imperitave that I have this.