Multi-stores/warehouses Setup

So far I’ve been using ERPNext but I found difficulties for multistores/multi-warehouses usage.

What I want to achieve is user can be assigned only to specific warehouse/territory and then view resports which are restricted only to their specific warehouse/territory. They don’t need to select warehouse/territory on every transaction as it’s all set by default according to their permission.

All these are mostly basic features, and also very easy and simple to setup on many ERP systems. But I found some difficulties on ERPNext.

  1. We can set specific warehouse to a user via User Permission Setting but unfortunately there’s no warehouse column and filter on most sales reports. So a Sales Manager can not analyze sales performance by warehouse. Many SMB stores also act as warehouse, so it’s very important to analyze sales performance by warehouse.

  2. I see many sales reports use Territory column/filter in ERPNext. But when a territory is defined for a user via User Permission Setting, then it gets override by customer master on transaction forms, so manually user have to change territory. It’s really not efficient if on every transaction this needs to be done manually.
    User permission record should be on top priority for default value.

May be other users can share their experiences on this. Thanks

@jof2jc Yes, I also admit it that it is a basic functionality that an ERP System should have and I am also feeling that gap in this system that there is no restrictions of accessing reports as well we cannot define transaction level rights to the user. I even don’t found any work-around for the same.

@rmehta can you comment on it or if there is work- around then can you suggest us?

@jof2jc @ruchin78 sponsor a fix.

Sorry no money to sponsor :frowning: but I can help you in every manner except money.

@jof2jc Its easy to setup user permissions

Please check this:

To setup warehouse based restriction, You can select warehouse in User Permissions Manager.
For setting up defaults, you can write custom script based on user profile/employee (there are many ways, you can find it on forum/documentation)


I appreciate, if you can give an example for the same. It will help others too.

@kolate_sambhaji I know it’s easy to setup User Permission, but if you read my 1st post , the issues that I want to address are:

  1. No warehouse filter/column in most sales report. So Sales Manager cannot analyze sales performance by warehouse. Can you give example how to add column/filter for existing report?

  2. For territory, user permission record is overwritten with customer master record. User permission record must be on top priority for default value. This must be fixed.

Thanks for help

@jof2jc can you give reports name, on which you want warehouse filter.
May be I can help to make custom report/add warehouse filter.
May be we can make Warehouse wise Sales Report

To add filter, please read this post

@kolate_sambhaji You can see some of sales reports e.g. Sales Register, Sales Analytics, Item-Wise Sales Register…they don’t have warehouse column & filter.

I prefer to add warehouse column and filter rather than creating new report… This warehouse filter will be helpful for end-users…

how can we collaborate to make pull request?? I’m not a programmer,

Thanks for your help

@kolate_sambhaji, how you can help to add this warehouse filter & column? Tks

@jof2jc I am making one custom app, I will add all your report into custom app, If any one is standard report, then we will send pull request to add it in core product.

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What custom app? Why don’t just add the filter&column to current existing reports? It should be more simple…


@kolate_sambhaji I created a custom app then how to add e.g. stock ledger report inside the app so we can make custpmizations there?

Make script report using Not Found
Select is standard yes.
select module name same as your app name

then you can find report files app-name/module-name/report folder
Like this

you can copy existing Stock Ledger Report code into new files and start doing customization

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@kolate_sambhaji there is no such report-files after creating the new report.

I have installed erpnext and the custom app in same site : site1.local

So far here’s what I did:
bench new-app myapp
Bench install-app myapp
Follow Not Found

The custom app folder was created under /frappe-bench/apps/myapp

Also,I confuse my app doesn’t appear on desk? But it’s searchable. I have checked show-hide modules and user access permission.
Need to write something in app hooks? What I’m missing here?

Can you help with more detailed steps? As I’m still new with this customization.

My goal is to make erpnext reports customization under myapp.

Thank you

When you create come doctype in your app, your app will be visible in desk.

Did you create Custom Report in your app module?
Also select Is Standard to Yes

Send here screen shot of your report.

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