Multi Tenant controller

Hi all,
I want to allow any user to sign up in my system with a new site,
how can I setup that?

Can you explain your query in detail?

@MaysaaSafadi not there is no such out of the box UI

we use an internal product called “central” that basically calls relevant bench commands via ansible.

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Dear @rmehta
you announced in 15 AUG conference you will open source “bench central” and share it with community :heart_eyes:

when this will be available for us?

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Not sure when. In the long run yes!

For now:

  1. Not enough resources to support as of now (we just about stay above water with Frappe and ERPNext)
  2. Central is for service providers, not end users, so its not such a priority.
  3. Maybe if we raise more than $1,000,000 in the foundation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope that too :sweat_smile:

Is that already happened ? [Announcement] Zerodha invests in ERPNext / Frappe :slight_smile:

@TurkerTunali Does work for you?