Multi tenant setup


I’m trying to run 2 or more sites on my Google Cloud VM server.

I’ve done the following commands on my VM as root.

bench new-site site2name
bench set-nginx-port site2name 8282
bench setup nginx
service nginx restart / reload

When I check the frappe.conf file, indeed, there are two server entries for both sites, but whenever I try to go to my server ip (e.g, the page won’t load/respond, it’s says ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT.

Is there something I’m missing?


Have you opened port 8282 on your VM?

Yes sir.

Traffic is allowed.

if it is production setup you need to “reinitialize” supervisor and nginx by running the commands provided on github. then restart VM.


Yeah. Tried all of that but still the page won’t load.

hm that’s strange…

Here is the step by step video on how to setup multi tenant on ubuntu.