Multi-tenant vs Multiple Company?

What’s the intended use for multitenant setup?

We are trying out ERPNext for our company which has 3 small units -one is trading, other two manufacturing. I tried multi-company but settled down on multi-tenant for our setup.
I found that setting up defaults was much easier, when going for a multitenant setup instead of a multi-company setup. Defaults such as warehouses, and roles etc are much easier to set, however there are drawbacks such as no consolidated stocks/ accounts etc. and dealing with purchases for each of them separately (we have a common purchase person).
Would like to hear about what approach others have taken and how they have overcome challenges of that approach.

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Multi tenant setup will host multiple sites on one bench.

Each site has a separate database

Multi company is having multiple companies under one site / database.

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I can confirm that.
I am actually running one productive and 6 testing sites.
Whiles we ran and still run a multi-company ERP and are now shifting to a separate multi-tenant setup which is - in my opinion - easier to maintain!

I think the intention for multi tenant setup would be whether you are a service provider for ERPNext and serve sites to different customers (using the same machine)

I think what you are doing would normally be setup as a multi-company setup

But multi-tenant is a bit better as to user and groups management. this is crucial as to domain- and ressource- as well as trafficmanagement.

My point was exactly what daniel talked about. Even with common items within companies, most of the time default warehouse, pricelist and other fields are company dependent.

But with consolidation of companies coming - Feature Request - Company Relationships / Consolidation of Financial Statements · Issue #7025 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
I think it would be better to do a multi-company setup as originally intended. btw It saves a lot of disk-space too.

Do you think we can modify doctypes like items in default warehouses, accounts etc. per company by including a child table with the information? I am happy to customize and send in a PR if its acceptable.

Multi company is giving me headache
The main issue is cost center. It become issue when submit POS invoice, create depreciation entry. It will get cost center from the first company created, and will not submit, because the transactions is on other company.

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What are the limitations of going with Multi-Company as against Multi-Tenant