Multi-tenant with some sort of consolidated dashboard/reports


We run a couple of business distinct one of the other;

At first we was using the multi-company approach

But then we plan to have a e-commerce, so we develop each business a woocommerce site

On the woocommerce integration only one site is allowed per tenant(even when there is multiple companies)

Si we migrate all our business in the multi-company to be unique tenants

So having multiple tenant allows us to use the woocommerce integration for each site individually. A really big win

But now, management has come very time consuming, all 3 business, are tax independently
But we have one accountant

No we need to open multiple browser tabs to make closing, or to see bank account amount or cash in hand

Is there any way to integrate externally some sort of reporting tool, that connect to each tenant to request the accounting information?

Like a consolidation of bank cash assets

Maybe erpnext has rest api for accounting ?

In latest version, ERPNext has introduced auto data sync functionality.

You can create a patent company where data will be synced from subsidiary companies.

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Thanks for the answer

You mean the: Data Migration Tool?

I think he meant event streaming:

Yes, I meant event streaming.