Multi tenants not working


I managed to install Frappe/ERPNext a clean server on CentOS 8.
Add custom domain ( to the site (
Activate dns_multitenant. Create and set LetsEncrypt wildcard.

In the nginx.conf the sites are listed like this:

# setup maps
map $host $site_name_osfsazk {;
	default $host;

# server blocks
server {
	listen 443 ssl;
	root /home/theuser/frappe-bench/sites;

The redirect also lists the same sites.
And there is another #server in nginx.conf:

# server {
	listen 443 ssl;
	root /home/theuser/frappe-bench/sites;

But the only sites (domain) I can open on browser is
I can’t open the or
It seems like the dns_multitenant doesn’t work or the nginx doesn’t serve multi sites.

I need suggestion on how to resolve this.
Thank you.