Multi Teneton VPS problem

i’have VPS and install erpnext on it and encrypted and its working fine , the problem came when i try to add another site using Multi Tenet, no problem in installation , but its told me that server ip not found and other things , this method that i follow to create second website ,
bench config dns_multitenant on
**bench new-site droplet **

bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload
bench --site droplet install-app verp
nano /etc/hosts
add domain in site config
and this the output

i’am using ssh to connect

I don’t touch /etc/hosts or site_config directly.

bench config dns_multitenant on
bench new-site
bench setup add-domain --site
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

i try this many times but not working

i got this

Did you also try
sudo service nginx restart

You may also need to issue this commands on a fresh server.

yes i’did this too but no solution yet

I have the same problem in cloud vps contabo and i did this steps ,my host say page not found when i put my ip I can’t reach to the erp again i am disappointed :pensive: