Multi Unit of Measurement (Stock Taking)

Hi developers & ERPNext Users…We purchase items.
Stock UoM (Default UoM) is Roll, Purchase UoM is Kg.

The items, we purchase, have their own quantity (eg. 200 roll with 500 kg weight). Each item (roll) has non standard weight (kg). Billing is done in Kg (Purchase UoM). we keep records in both UoM while buying and selling items.

Is there any way to enter two quantities (200 rolls with weight 500) in ERPNext.

Solution would be appriciated

Hi @Naveed1,

If you haven’t checked then check it documentation.

Other Reference for check it.

Thank You!

I think…UoM Conversion factor is standardized. In my case there is no standardization. Means our Default UoM (Roll) is not standardized against Pond (sale & purchase UoM)

Our actual selling and buying UoM is pond. We just want to keep record of roll for stock counting (adding & subtracting). Here is the screenshot for better understanding:

You can specify each roll and pond qty in the transaction detail. But Stock Balance report takes into account just the Item master factors not the transaction.

I think we have 2 missing features for the multi uom management.

  • Defining the factors in the Item master should be easier. (It’s easy when 1 box contains 4 items but it’s a bit rough when defining 1 Plate ise 2,3 Kg.)
  • We need another report or Stock Balance should take into account the coefficient factors from the transactions.
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You can try this.
Add two same item and use a separate warehouse.

  1. Weight UOM with Rate store to a Stock Warehouse
  2. Stock UOM with 0 rate and Allow Zero valuation checked store to a NonStock Warehouse.

Hi… @NCP @TurkerTunali @tdci …Your solution is appreciable.

As we keep record of items in Pond (Purchase UoM), We also want to keep record of quantity of items (eg. Carton/roll) in Stock UoM(Default UoM).

I have created 1 custom field Carton Quantity in Purchase invoice doctype. Whenever I buy item (RM006) 432 pond, I also want to keep its record in Carton 23 against Batch (Stack 8-14). Similarly for next batch when I buy 339 pond with total carton 16 against Batch (Stack 1-17).

Simply I also want to keep record of quantity of carton against batch ID. and finally total number of catons purchased (52 eg.) and whenever I make sale invoice and sell 3 carton with weight 116 pond these 3 carton should be deduct from 52. (52-3=49).

Your work/solution to solve this issue would be appriciated.

Here is the screenshot for better understanding: