Multi unit of mesure

We need help on uom conversion -input is is kgs and use in nos
pl guide

Can you give example to understand better?

submersibal water pump shaft processing
raw material steel bar purchase in tons
cutting in nos as per drawing weight 2.217 kg per 1-nos
then cnc machining rough turning also in nos
rest all porcessing in nos. like milling,kourning,grinding etc.
now consume raw still bar in kgs.
please …guide us

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Good question.

Hi @bharat1958

  1. Create an Item- Steel Bar, Default UOM=kgs,
    In UOM Conversion table add the following,
    a. UOM = Tonne, Conversion factor = 1000 (this will pop up automatically if you use the standard UOM Ton or Tonnes)
    b. UOM = 2.217 kg piece (I would suggest using Length, like 100 mm length bar, you can find this using the dia of bar and density of steel = 0.785kg/m3), using in meters or mm will make it easy for people cutting the bar, Conversion factor = as applicable
    c. Set Purchase UOM in Item Master as Kgs or Ton as applicable

Create BOMs with UOM = Nos. , the system will calc based on Default UOM automatically while making Stock Entries

Consumption will always be in terms of your Default UOM

Hope this helps

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