Multi UoM Stock Taking

In packaging Industry, we purchase items in rolls (quantity / Stock UoM-(No.)) and weight (kg) at same time. Can we create 2 options in ERPNext … (suppose 200 rolls (No.) are received and their weight is 476 (kg). Here Stock UoM is (No.) and Purchase UoM is (Kg) but we want to keep record of both (200 rolls & 476 kg weight). (Note: This does not belong to batch/serial no.)

Suggest plz. Thanks

which uom will you use for ground taking
which uom will you user for buying price

Purchase UoM is Pond. Stock UoM is Roll, Weight UoM is Kg. Scenario is this whenever we purchase Rolls (Stock UoM-Roll) they have their own quantity. Billing is done against Pond (Purchase UoM). Suppose we buy 200 rolls and their weight in Pond (purchase UoM) is 476 if rate is Rs.300 then (476x300=142800).
The question is this we can just count our inventory in Pond (476) only, not in Roll (200), becasue there is not a tab/field in which we may also enter quantity of rolls (200). Moreover in ERPNext Stock UoM(Default UoM) becomes fixed (we cannot change this field as we can change Purchase UoM, Weight UoM) while posting a transaction.

I think…There should be an extra option in Purchase Receipt & Invoice/Sales Invoice & Delivery Note -item field settings there we may also put stock quantity (200 rolls).