Multi vendor scenario

I have this scenario. A non profit entity work in rural area want to establish an online market place for those people in the village who does handicraft, agriculture (mainly spices). The operator wants to run a unified marketplace (single URL) but separate shop for each villager (let’s call them vendors).
Vendors could maintain the stock, but item master managed by operator. Customers can make online orders and the operator manages that aspect as well. I thought it was straight forward and tried to get it done using multiple company set up.
Then the requirement changed, now the vendors need to maintain their own items. Specially handicrafts they are unique, you sell it and the stock is gone. And the vendor keep adding items.
The problem is, I can’t segregate the items. Now all the items are seen by all the vendors and it is a mess.
The solution is in the proof -of-concept stage and hit the block. Is there a workaround? Or am I doing anything wrong?

@Kush.Ra there’s many workaround’s available!

But all they depends of how is your instance configured, how are the items being inserted, which fields they have!

Try searching for query_permission_condition in frappe and erpnext!

It may will light you on the right direction!

Thanks max,

I have read frappe reference. I don’t think the solution is there. I used role permission and user permissions unsuccessfully.

The requirement is, there must be multiple users who represents different vendors who actually manages their own items and inventories and accept orders from the customers without interfering with each other.

And when we set up the system, the vendors maybe onboarded time to time, needless to say they maybe offloading as well - that’s not a concern right now. I cannot practically be doing same permission assignment stuff for each vendor onboarding.

I should only be doing the creation of the user account and assigning the necessary vendor role (ideally a single role profile & a single module profile). Then the new user must be able to create his / her own company and items groups, items, inventories, price lists etc. without interfering with such data of the other vendors.

@Kush.Ra give it a try before discarding the idea!

If you dive into it, you will realize how to solve that issue, using exactly what I’m showing to you!

Thanks again! It wasn’t that I didn’t. I did and didn’t get desired results. I shared my experience with one of my colleagues. He is convinced that it can be done, but I’m not.

We didn’t stop trying yet. I’ll keep posting.

Let me know about your advances!

Give it some tries, explain what you are trying and I’ll be glad to help if needed!