Multibench & multisite configuration


I have installed frappe under multibench basis. In each bench have installed 2 sites …



DNS based multitenancy is activated …

But, there is something wrong. I realized that each bench has its own nginx configuration …and only sites under frappe-bench can be reached…

How can i configure this? nginx.conf on frappe-bench should contain all the stuff? Or 2 nginx are needed?

I’m trying with v14 and normal installation (no docker)

I remember made it works months ago, but got stucked now :crazy_face:
Any ideas here?


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there’s a symlink in /etc/nginx that points to config/nginx.conf from frappe-bench.

make sure it exists for supervisor and nginx.


I’ve forgot to run bench setup production on second bench.

It creates another .conf file and everything is running properly now.

Just facing now some problems with variables on naming log files. I think this is a recent bench cli bug.

Thank you @revant_one.