Multibench problem

i’m using version 7 and i tried to install a new bench to use the multi bench and i created a new site inside the new bench but i can not access that site ? so is there any more details for helping how to access that site

How are you trying to access the site? The default bench-site uses host:8000 and the next new bench uses host:8001. So you need to access it acordingly

i understand that and i changed the port at nginx.conf file but i still can not access the site

You can create multiple site in one bench

i know that and i’m already using the multitenant and multi dns but i need to create multi bench to get the ability to make different installation and cusom versions !!!

For developer setup, you can run only one at a time. Go to the bench you want to start and then bench start

For DNS based multi-benches, each bench creates its own nginx, supervisor and redis configs and corresponding processes. The ports are assigned automatically based on other benches.

Hard to say why specifically it wont work for you, but this is the general system.

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i nearly found the problem as i was running bench init [bench-name] from frappe-bench folder
now i run the command from frappe user ( home directory ) and it worked :slight_smile:

thank you very much