MultiBranch under one comapny

How to create multi branches under 1 company?

My Scenario : 5 branches under 1 company.

Stock movement I need to do internal transfer, since all are under one legal entity.
I can’t able to use purchase & sales Invoice.

kindly let me know can we able to handle by using existing functionalities.

Yeah this is possible via cost centers or warehouses and i too think there is option for branches


You may create warehouse and use stock entry to track movement of goods across warehouses


Corporate office Having purchase,Sales & Accounting transactions as well as transfer goods to their respective branches based on their request.

5 branches has all transactions like sales order, sales invoice & accounting entries.

can we handle by using existing functionalities?

Hi ,

Yes it can be , You will need to create branch in erpnext as company only and keep separate CoA for each company , create a fictisious group company for consolidation as said earlier the warehouses can be created and material movement can be tracked , there can be fund transfer to from HO to branches also

Let me know if any questions


Thank you. will do the same & let you know if any queries.

Legally a branch is not a company, it cannot be mapped as company entity.
A branch is a warehouse because it holds stock, and a cost center where it can be used for profit and cost transactions (sales or expenses).

a branch can be added as an accounting dimension also along with a warehouse for stock transactions.

This is my point of view. and I am still looking for better solution to branch reqt.