Multicompany or branch or cost center - confused - Version 11

We are two companies, company A and company B. Company A has three branches (set up as warehouses) and Company B has one main warehouse and one branch. If company A generates an invoice, which the goods are shipped from company B warehouse, how will this happen. If we set up multi warehouse this doesn’t work - we want a delivery note made for that customer from company B main warehouse.

The reason for keeping them as multicompany is the accounts books are seperate. Furthermore since company B stocks all the goods, they send is the goods to company A and VAT is applied.

If we keep them as branches, we will need accounting books to be seperate - assignment them seperate cost centers and expect different chart of accounts?


If you will be using V11 then you will have to do Company B to Company A Material Transfer and Raise Delivery Note from Company A.

Or you raise Delivery Note from Company B to either Company A or Customer.

As per the Accounting Concern your question is invalid.
Company A will receive Payment from Customer where as Company B will raise Delivery_ This means Money is coming in Company A and Stock is reducing from Company B. Which is not a good practise for accounting.

How will you show Stock reduced in Company A or Cost of good Sold Via Company A Accounting?