Multicurrency Compatiblity

Dear Members,

Our base company currency in ERPnext is INR, since our clients are overseas we bill them in USD, so in client master every client we have setup there account currency for billing is USD, but the default receivable account is debtors which in INR.

Now we want to switch the client receivable account in USD instead of INR, we have created Debtors USD account and was trying to update in customer masters in Account Section to Debtors USD.

Since the Old Debtors account was in INR it gives me the below error while updating.

“Accounting entries have already been made in currency INR for company Integral Edit. Please select a receivable or payable account with currency INR.”

Is there any workaround if I want to migrate my existing customer to new debtors account with different currency?

Change currency to USD in Customer Master and keep Default Payable as INR.

Go to Settings >> Account Settings >> Currency Exchange Settings and make it enable

now onward your sales invoice will consider USD currency.
Item Price List Rate in USD

Taxes and Charges in USD

Hope ! this will help.

Hi @Suresh_Thakor

Apologies for delay in response, the above settings are already there in place, perhaps I have not given enough information.

I want to add the different receivable account for customers, in this case I want switch the customer receivable account from Default debtors account to Debtors USD (which is newly created in charts of account) I am doing this to get the best output of my bank/payment gateway charges and evaluate the exchange gain and loss and shown in this page.

Now when I try to change the customer receivable account to debtors USD it gives me the error.

  1. Customer Master Settings

  1. Changing the receivable account.

  1. Error

Please suggest, also let me know if more input is required.

The debtor is linked to the Ledger and some of the previous transactions in the Ledger are in the INR. It cannot be replaced as the system becomes disordered.
Have you checked this link?


As the system will not let me change the receivable account since the earlier billing is done with different receivable account, looks I have only left with the option which you suggested.