Multicurrency entry

while i am trying to make a sales order i got that message
Accounting Entry for Customer: ABC can only be made in currency: USD
so i press on
Currency and Price List
and change Currency : us
so i didnt get that message

but this is not true because the customer will pay with not with us

waiting dears your guide thx a lot

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what i am noted
For example If
Customer A has default currency EUR
so all its transaction be in EURO
if i want to make a sales order for example by US the system will stop me

so what i found is

to solve this problem i had to create a new customer and called it (A US) but with us dolar
and creat also

new accounts like

cash euro
cash us

depitor euro
deptor us

creditor euro
creditor us

is it logic . i dont understand !!!

waiting your views dears thx a lot

If your customer’s currency is your company’s currency, then you don’t need to make another account, you can make the invoice in any currency.

If your customer’s currency is not your company’s base currency, then you have to make a separate account for that customer


its been a while this has been discussed, is creating duplicate customer with different currency is still the only way to go for changing currency in billing? (for Customer previously billed in other currency than my company’s base currency)

This is an issues with many other ERP and accounting systems and multcurrency. They dont like to record in sublegers (ar ap inventory ect) two different base currency values at the same time.
You might be able to convert after all exisring transactions are cleared out ie: client pays all outstanding invoices.

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