Multicurrency Issue


I just tried mutlicurrency in erpnext. I’ve made purchase invoices in ‘a’ currency but when to make another invoice in other currency, system block it … “…onky 1 currency per company for supplier A…”

Is it by design? If yes, then it’s not true multicurrency system…we can only book 1 currency per supplier / customer …

Can you share the screenshot of the error message.

you can use multicurrency to make that…

if you lock “Default Payable Accounts” with one currency in that supplier.
you can’t make other currency because you lock that.

I don’t lock default.payable account. We can make multiple invoices in different currencies but we can only post to one Creditor account.

I created two creditor accounts, IDR and USD. I made 1 purchase invoice of supplier A in IDR (posted in Crditor IDR) then I made another invoice but supposed to post it into creditor USD account. The system blocks it…saying the accounting entry for this supplier only can be made in IDR.

Any ideas? Using V7

If Party account currency is different from Company Currency, system will restrict to make transaction for that party with that currency only. If account currency is same as Company Currency, you can make transactions for that Party in any currency. But accounting entries (GL Entries) will always be in Party Account Currency.

Refer following link for help

So if I want to transact in multiple currencies with Supplier A then supplier’s accounting currency must be the same with company currency…correct?

But outstanding payable is booked in company’s currency too(i.e. IDR) … how if I want to pay the payable with original transaction currency (i.e. USD)? How to achieve this via payment entry?

Supplier can invoice you in different currency, if you wish to pay them in a foreign currency then you would have to have a bank account set up with that currency I assume

Not necessarily - most banks will do the currency conversion for you. In most cases you can specify the currency you send even if it isn’t what your account currency is (e.g. if you invoice me in dollars, I have a GBP account, I could tell my bank to send Euros. I would pay my bank an exchange fee and would be charged an exchange fee again by your bank. Or I could send dollars and be charged by mine, or I could send GBP and be charged by yours.

This might be helpful.

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