Multicurrency Issues


I’m facing multi-currency issues :

  1. When I create Invoice in foreign currency then I can only pay with local currency. Cannot pay in original currency. Even if I manually convert payment into home currency, then the exchange rate difference cannot be maintained by the system.
  2. The system doesn’t provide exchange rate valuation function (i.e. monthly valuation) to maintain exchange rate gain/loss in transaction.
  3. Cannot choose currency per account i.e. create bank/cash account other than base currency

Please advise


Hi, please refer to this issue Multi-currency per account · Issue #1002 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub its still developed and itwill available soon…


I see…So when this will be available? As multi-currency is very important issue for businesses…

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please ask erpnext team… just post in the github so they will notice that we need it…