Multicurrency Journal Entry: Debit must equal Credit

Dear colleagues,

I have a strange sympton on an ERPNext: v10.1.13:

Despite the fact that the system shows total debit and total credit to be equal, the error message pops up. What is wrong? Thanks!

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Update on this: the error message is missleading. The root cause was that the EUR amount was entered, but the currency exchange rate had changed in the meantime. The debtors account was then checked against the open amount, which at that point had a different company currency amount.

Entering the “old” valuation (same EUR, company currency from SINV) has resolved the issue.

I encounter the same issue booking entries from last year with ERPN 15. How exactly did you solve this case?


Your total debit must be equal to total credit, your case shows there is a difference of 427.27 difference, it won’t save if they are not the same

Yeah right. Why is the difference there and how can it be resolved? Date of posting is checked. The bank statement (below) is pretty clear and i somehow have to get it into the system. It reads:

credit CHF 44.361,63 from main account
debit CHF 211,93 to transaction fee
debit EUR 46.188,97 to customer account

The math is right:

(44361,63 CHF - 211,93 CHF) * 1,04619 = 46188,97 EUR

your credit is not equal to your debit according to your screenshot

Yes, ERPNext is calculating a wrong Debit.

Debit = Fr 44.788,90
Credt = Fr 44.361,63

Actual Debit is

Debit = Fr 44.361,63
Credt = Fr 44.361,63

How can this be solved?

It gets even wilder. Every time I recreate the case it calculates a different difference. What kind of gimmick is this? Sadly for the last days I was unable to find a solution.