Multicurrency Payment Reconciliation

Hello Community,

I’m having problems reconciling Payment Entries that are multi-currency.

I think the problem is that the CAD amount is closed, however the EUR amount is not closed yet and this is why I’m getting the following error:

Below you can see the ledger of the Payment Entry in CAD (Company Currency)
It shows the amount is balanced at $0.00.

Now, if you look at the Payment Entry it shows still 700 EUR remains un-reconciled.

Every time I try to reconcile I get the error in the first image. Can anyone help with this?

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Related issue: Not getting the Option to account the Exchange Gain/Loss in case of Multi-Currency Transaction in the Payment reconciliation Window which was available in the earlier versions 12 · Issue #29081 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi Didi you find a solution yet. I face the same topic. It is due because the latest version does not show the currency loss account and amount any more.