Multicurrency Payment


Thanks to all for the past assistance I got for my issues.

I got another problem here with payment for purchase invoice.

I am using SGD as the base currency for the company and I have a Purchase invoice (USD) that I want to make payment to.

Here is the purchase invoice :

Here i am using SGD bank account (before I switch to USD Bank), which shows :

Please note the USD20,000

After I switch to USD bank account, it shows :

Please note that the USD amount should be USD20,000 instead of USD28,246

I switched back to SGD bank account and i got this :

The USD28,246 is the wrong amount shown. It should be USD20,000.

Can someone assist to let me know how USD28,246 is shown instead of USD20,000 ?

Thanks in advance.




Can I know why the USD amount is shown as USD28,246 which is the same as the SGD amount SGD28,246 ?

This happens when I try to use a USD bank account to make payment.