Multilevel BOM with "Send to subcontractor" Items


When I have items that are “Send to subcontractor” I can no longer get all the BOM levels. I only see one level that includes the item going to the subcontractor, but not the raw material used to manufacture it.

In my case I have many CNC machined aluminium parts that start as raw aluminium, get machined into parts, then are sent to the anodiser for finishing. I have a BOM for the finished part that includes the machined part, then a BOM for the machined part that includes the raw material.

When I use the browse BOM function, it doesn’t show me any level lower than the machined part that gets sent to the supplier, and I won’t see the raw material. Also if I use the production planning tool, I will never see my raw material and can’t use it to create a correct material request.

Is this the intended functionality? Is there a workaround for my situation?