Multilingual Item description, terms and conditions, emails, etc

Hello, @andy, @rmehta, @strixaluco, @ganas, @lefebvre_bern, @Sangram, @jof2jc

Hello folks, I’m here, to put one update in the thread
My changes can be followed here

Have some missing things like tests, but it’s workable


@Andy, @strixaluco, @ganas, @lefebvre_bern, @Sangram, @jof2jc

Continuation of that discussion here


What is the state of this?

Hi @Andy,

We need to review the design due to some modifications asked by the ERPNext team. We are planning to send a new Pull Request before mid January.

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Hi all,

Here is an update regarding this issue.

  • It was decided to introduce a new field property called “Translatable”. This property will control the availability of the “Translation” function.
  • We can now remove the translation from the dialog box

Pictures and Link to the Pull Request on the issue.


@max_morais_dmm I try to use your new function to translate item name and item description but I think it does not work like it suppose to be. I see the earth icon, i can translate my field value to another language but it does not translate on website. Do I need to do something special?

@martcot this is waiting this


ok thanks. I’m gonna wait for this then.

This process seems actively going on. For SEO purposes is very important to have individual paths for the products with different languages (also the URL).

Its closed now

Hi, I was wondering if this was added?

I am new to erpnext.

can i install it as an add one ?? to test it
or i need to reinstall it ?