Terms and Conditions link with item master

Dear All, I added a custom field in item master as “Item terms and Condition” and linked it with terms and conditions template, because i have different terms and conditions for different items. But when I create a PO the terms and conditions template did not fetch automatically against item. Can any one guide me please. Thanks

May work with one item. Won’t work with multiple items. You will make system bonkers as to which t&c to be used.

Yes, I always issued a single item PO. I used the “tc_name” in the custom field in item doc. but it can’t fetch in PO. May I need some changes in PO Doc also?. Please help me. thanks

In your ‘Item terms and condition’ field, at right side you will find options. in that option you can write ‘item_code.item_terms_and_condition’. This should fetch the automatically according to your item.

Go to customize form of the purchase order and select the item terms and condition field, Inside this field you can see a fetch from, in there type “item.item_terms_and_conditions”.
I think this will work

Sir thanks for your response, I tried this but the system not accept it there an error show “You can’t add item field in options”

Sir thanks for your response, I tried this, but it not fetch terms.:expressionless:

can you show the fetch from field.

Try to refer this video. Hopefully i answered to your doubt

Yes it may be work. but I need to link it with terms and conditions template which is available in buying module.