Multilingual items and reports


is it possible to define item names and descriptions (and other data like “terms and conditions” or “payment options”) in different languages?

The idea would be to have documents (invoices, orders and so on) generated in the language that is defined for a customer. An english speaking customer should get documents with only english texts, same as a russian customer should get all documents with only russian texts… So item names and descriptions as well as document templates need to be chosen by a target language (the customers language).

Any idea on how to make that possible? Are there any plans to support this?


@bimsimsala12, current it dont exists in the box!

Ok. Is a feature like this on the roadmap?
Or what would be good starting points to implement this?


if i remember correctly @dominik started a discussion on this some time back.As they are also developers he may have more info, robert

@chafor, do you started a discussion about this too! How is the status of this?

Yes I have started a discussion about this before. We have customers all over the world and its about 50% in the German speaking world and 50% English speaking. It is very important for us to face the customer in their language. I would also love to see this happen.

This is in GitHub under Feature request: Multi-language documents for facing the customer · Issue #3831 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

This is also being discussed at Multi-lingual Print Formats · Issue #898 · frappe/frappe · GitHub and in Rushab’s GitHub Multi-lingual Print Formats · Issue #898 · frappe/frappe · GitHub.

Lets get this done together :slight_smile: