Multiple Alternative Items Same time


I want to create a BOM list with alternative items. I know how to archieve this but the problem is as follow:


  • Wood-1
  • Wood-2
  • Wood-3

If I use alternative for Wood-1 then automatically Wood-2 and Wood-3 should also apply the alternative items. Because if only Wood-1 changes to alternative item I can’t produce the sofa.

To explain further:
Think like Wood-1 is 20cm thick table leg and the alternative is 25cm thick table leg. If one leg changes then all legs should change.

Is there a way to archieve this? Something like sub-BOM alternative?

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See if this works for you


How can I implement the solution with multi-level BOM’s? As I wanted to use the alternative item function which is only for single part and can’t connect multiple parts together.

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Mert Somun