Multiple asset movement

I was wondering how could multiple asset movement be implemented?
We are using assets for a workshop tools, and wanted to move tools from the base to an employee. However doing it one by one, is time consuming.
How could I enter multiple assets and transfer them to a single employee in a single transaction?

Use bulk edit to update the field “Custodian” in the respective Assets

Select Assets in List View -> Actions -> Edit -> Field:Custodian -> Select Employee

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Hmmmm, good idea, thank you.
Then I’ll have to implement again a field User.

However, this means selecting an asset from arround 3000, thats why I wanted to do it with a barcode scanner, and I can’t add filter, where I select scanned items.

Or is there an option with a main filter to select all with matched IDs?

I tried to implement it via, a second Link to assets, however then it is not registered via the Asset Movement for the asset. I believe it would be a good feature to implement, to able select multiple assets for the asset movement

Feel free to create a GitHub issue here so that this request can be reviewed and shortlisted.

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Thank you very much!

Is there a way to disable or to just give a certain user’s permission to use this feature? Is this feature available on the Roles Permission Manager?

Currently, we created a workflow for Projects so that only authorized user can change the status to complete or to open. However, due to this feature, some user can manipulate the workflow and they can edit the status.

What way can we prevent this?