Multiple Attributes without Child Table

Hi there,
I am trying to import a CSV file with multiple item attributes but I want to try and keep the attributes all on the same row on the import sheet because I will be importing a large quantity of products and all have different attributes. It is too difficult to change the source sheet manually everytime to allow for the child table on each product.

Is this possible?

Processor, Processor Model, Memory, Hard Drive, License, Optical Drive.

Attribute Value example:
Core i5, 2400 3.1GHz,4GB,250GB, Win 7 Pro COA, DVDRW

@gumball39434 have you tried writing a simple Python script to import data?

GitHub - frappe/frappe-client: Python library to use Frappe API

Hi rmehta,

I’ve managed to create a template in excel that will upload to the item list now which is good.
However I wish these items would import straight into stock, as every item that we receive is different to the last and we have too many to import each item individually from item to stock.

Have you any ideas?