Multiple automatic UoM conversions?

Newbie alert! I just got ERPNext running yesterday. I have searched for an answer to my question, but have been unsuccessful - if it is answered, or documented, somewhere, I would appreciate a gentle pointer!

We purchase some raw materials in bottles and the bottles are available in various sizes (250ml, 120ml etc), so it has to be ordered by the bottle.

However, we only ever use the material by the ml - perhaps 3 or 5ml in a mix.

So, if I receive one 120ml bottle, I want it to be converted to 120mls of raw material. If I receive one 250ml bottle, I want it to be converted to 250mls of raw material. The material is the same and interchangeable, whether it came in a 120 or a 250ml bottle.
Can this conversion be automated for the different sized bottles, or is it necessary to use the repack transaction on every receipt?
I guess that what I’m looking for is something like variants, where the template accumulates the quantities and can be transacted, and each bottle size is one of the variants, each with its own UoM conversion from variant to template.

Hey @PeterB !! Welcome to Community.

You should give a try to Repack Entry feature in Stock. Kindly learn more here:

If you found Repack Entry is not so useful, revert and someone will definitely help you out.

The above link is not available…