Multiple Batch in one delivery note


I have created a sales order of Item A = 100 NOS and Item B = 200 NOS.

Item A is a batch tracked item i.e., Has Batch No=1, and the expiry on batch is also defined.

Item A (2 Batches in Stock in the same warehouse Finished Goods)

  • BATCH001A = 10 Nos , Exp Date - 20 Sep 2020
  • BATCH002A = 130 Nos, Exp Date - 20 Sep 2020

When I am creating a delivery note and trying to submit it. The system shows an error
Row #1: The batch BATCH001A has only 10.0 qty. Please select another batch which has 130.0 qty available or split the row into multiple rows, to deliver/issue from multiple batches

Is there any way I can split the row automatically based on batch qty available? Or the system should provide a suggestion to add another batch no. automatically?

PS: For reference, I am sharing one delivery note example, In the actual scenario there are more than 100 delivery notes for the same items or multiple items being submitted in a single go. Selecting items, splitting into two or multiple lines, and changing batches in every delivery note is not a viable option.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Did you find a solution to this problem?

No, I have same problem when making delivery note of item with multiple batches.
Only way is to add another entry in Item table.

Whole batched/serialized item movement does not make sense - eg. you have to provide batch and warehouse info when working with items with serial no. That makes no sense since only one item with XY SN can exist on whole stock.

this is doable via python script.

I found the solution that is to fetch the items again in the delivery note from the button “Get Items from” , then select the sales order you will pick the items from,this will pick the items again with the against sales order name . Now you have a new row with the same item and the new row has against sales order , you can edit the quantity and the batch of the item

I found another solution:

  1. from sales order, click create->pick list, submit
  2. from pick list, create delivery note
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This the only solution I have been doing for some time. But it really gets messy if the sales order has many items and it fetches all those items and you need to delete them from the list.

Although the new V13 has a pick batch no. button for sales invoices where you can select multiple batches. It creates additional item row with selected batch numbers. But i am not sure if this will be linked with the sales order.

We have the same problem but with “Manufacture Entry”. When there is not enough batch we need to split row and calculate manually. It takes a lot of time for nothing and it confuses our employees.