Multiple Bench Managers


I have setup two Bench and two sites:

LiveBench → production site
TestBench → test site

The idea that I can update the TestBench first and make sure it’s fine before updating LiveBench.

The plan was running a nightly script to copy the database of the production erpnext site to test site, so if I wanted to mess around with any of the settings or test journal transactions, I could go nuts on the test site and know tomorrow it will reset.

However, now I have discovered Bench Manager which allows you to create test sites and restore data without even touching the command line! I wouldnt even bother running nightly scripts as a few clicks would copy live database over to the test site! The Only problem is that the bench managers cannot see each others backups so cannot use the simple backup and restore buttons. Is there anyway I could specify the directory where the backups are saved in the bench manager. I do not want to modify any code as I want easy seamless upgrades?

Thank you.