Multiple BOM (Restaurant scenario)

Good Day everyone.
I have a problem, so if you can assist me with it, I would be very grateful.

I manage a restaurant, and I manage the sales and the production among others.
When I create a sale I tend to use the same item on several lines. Let’s say the item is “Potato”, and the UOM is in Kg. When I issue the purchase order for the “Potato”, let’s say that I purchase 1 Kg of “Potato”, will I be able to use that (1 Kg) of “Potato” on multiple BOM?

Case-in-point: I want to use that “item” to make 1 sandwich, 1 plate of potato,1 potato salad, and other products. I need a way to use a part or a percentage of that “item” to manufacture a product, and use the rest of that “item” to manufacture more of the same product or different products.

Different Case-in-point: As mentioned before, the UOM is in (Kg) in most of the items. When I made a BOM of a product, this is what shows:
BOM-Chicken Sandwich-001:

  • 1 x Chicken (1 Kg of Chicken)
  • 1 x Sandwich Bread (1 set of Bread)
  • 1 x Tomato (1Kg of Tomato)
  • 1 x Potato (1Kg of Potato)
  • 1 x Lettuce (1Kg of Lettuce)
  • 1 x Plastic Plate

There is also the stock entry of that product. It adds the value of all the items in the previous BOM, both Incoming value and Outgoing value.

Note: When I make a new BOM, I tried to change the UOM of the “item” from (Kg) into (gram) to solve the problem but unfortunately it’s not allowed.

Please provide me with all the solutions you can think of.
Thank You :slight_smile:

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Same issues here. Any sokution yet.

Hi @Mhmd_Bosaqir

I cerebrate if the issue is because of your requisites of UOM changes then you should take purchase of your raw material by applying UOM conversion factor to your RM items first

For more details, please refer this…


You can refer below quite kindred case for more conception…