Multiple branches in school

How can we propose a solution to a school with 9 branches. They have centralised purchasing.



In the ERPNext, we don’t have option for multiple schools yet. Please create Github Issue for this suggestion.

You can manage purchases using standard Buying module of ERPNext. If needed, you can add each school as a separate company in your ERPNext account. While creating purchase Order/Invoice, you will be able to select School/Company it’s being purchased for.

Is anybody looking at this?

Is anyone working on the School Branches feature?

would it not work with the different companies?
I mean, we could have every course setup with different companies so that way we would be able to differentiate one from the other and still be able to see the reports together.

@cablemedia, are you still working with ERPNext?

Yes, we are. There may be a work-around for multiple branches, like a new dimension may be created for each branch.

I am trying to say that there is no need for branches… each branch can be recorded in the system as a different company and that should suffice.

One quick work around could be to create another dimension.