Multiple Bugs in Education Module

There seem to be multiple bugs in Education Module.

  1. When enrolling a new student, the enrollment bar never completes and will only leave screen when you click close:

  1. When creating assessment plan, there’s an issue with the Course field as it is set to fetch from student_group.course. whereas the student group has no course list. this throws up a cyclical error. The workaround is to customize the assessment plan doctype and change fetch from to course.course_name. Although there is no obvious negative impact to this change, i wonder what the effect is on the overall student report.

  2. Some changes on the education module do not get validated on other doctypes except you run bench build. For instance, assessment plans were created, assessments and results were created. However, i was unable to run reports as the reports did not recognize data already created until i ran bench build.

  3. Finally, this is not a bug but it will be nice if the report card generation tool can be customized to render report cards in this format:


The report card generation tool is not a doctype and as such cannot be customized from the front end. If anyone has achieved this please let me know. Thanks.

Bumping this up in case anyone wants to take a look at it.