Multiple Companies Payment Percentage


I hope you are doing great.

I have a Complex question.

I know I can create multiple companies in ERPNext.

But can it be like following:

I have 1 Parent Company Named as MASTER

Master has 2 sub companies

C1 and C2

C1 has products A,S,D,F
Prices of those products are: A = 2,S = 2,D = 4,F = 6

C2 has products Q,W,E,R
Prices of those products are: Q = 2,W = 2,E = 4,R = 6

Customer places an order with parent company MASTER of the following products.

S = 5 pieces (Amount becomes 2 x 5 = 10)
D = 4 Pieces (Amount becomes 4 x 4 = 16)
R = 2 Pieces (Amount becomes 6 x 2 = 12)
W = 3 Pieces (Amount becomes 2 x 3 = 6)

The total becomes = 44 USD

Total amount of the products purchased from C1 = 26
Total amount of the products purchased from C2 = 18

From 100% (44 USD), 59.09% is to be paid to C1 and 40.90% is to be paid to C2.
Simple math, nothing fancy.

Now Customer pays 22 USD and the remaining is credited in that customer’s account.

The tricky part i want to accomplish is:

The amount he paid i.e. 22 USD should be divided according to the percentage of the products purchased from the sub company’s list and the payment should be made accordingly.

Meaning from the total amount of 22USD:
12.99 (which is 59.09%) should go to C1
8.99 (which is 40.90%) should go to C2.

Any chance of this kind of system, any tricky way to trick this out :slight_smile:


Any possibility that anything near to the above msg can happen ?

You can use data import tool and import payment entry directly from excel

Sorry, I didnt understand that :frowning:

Thanks for the post.

Please bear with me and correct me if I am wrong. What I understood is,

I will make 2 companies, in ERP,
2 different stores for the products in ERP,

but when it comes to the transaction of inventory(products) and payment, I will start using excel sheet and then import the data in the ERP ?

Am i right?

You will have 2 companies and will have their respective stores. Receiving will be done separately in each company store which will be later translated to purchase invoice

Now at the time of payment u might have 2 separate bank accounts for both the companies, if yes then u can make separate payment entries

In case u dont have separate bank accounts, (which ideally should be separate) u can make a template in excel which will convert the payment amount in 2 separate entries when can be imported directly against respective companies outstanding

Many thanks. I will do what i can and let you know about my results.