Multiple Companiy

If I have 2 different companies opened in Company Master. Then how I will be able to switch between company like for which company I want to raise PO and for which company I want to raise Sales Order. How can I set the default company. How can I raise Internal Sales Order, what is the flow of it and how the calculation is done.

To Set Default Company -
‘Setup’ Module → ‘Settings’ menu → ‘Global Settings’ doctype - ‘Default Company’ field.

‘Company’ field is available on ‘Customer’ and ‘Supplier’ form to set company.


  1. If we create Customer with Name=XYZ and Company=Indictrans
    2.Create Sales Order for customer ‘XYZ’ then this sales order made against the ‘Indictrans’ company(Company of respective customer).

1If we create Supplier with Name=Geetanjali and Company=ABC
2.Create Purchase Order for supplier ‘Geetanjali’ then this Purchase Order made against the ‘ABC’ company (company of respective supplier).

Geetanjali Shitole
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